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Northern Show Report: The North Makes It Three In a Row ... Just!

The Northern show of the North vs South final show took place at AVS Movie Makers clubroom on Sunday 6th December and saw the John Wright Trophy stay in the North for the third year running but only just! The judges deliberated very long and hard over the top three films arriving at their decision after some lenghty discussions.

film comp
Chesterfield Film Makers won with their animated sci-fi film "Energy Crisis"

When Earth's energy reserves finally run out, technology will surely find an alternative but will our ability to build advanced compauters finally produce free thinking automata which challenge our view of reality? Anything can be proven using cold logic and reason, and with belief adhered to by faith, nothing in the Universe can break it.

Runner up and much deserved winner of the Harry Adams Trophy was Sutton Coldfield Movie Makers with two of their films; The Shout and The Letter.

The audience vote was divided on the winner

Northern Audience Vote
  • Joint 1st. The Letter (South) - Sutton Coldfield Movie Makers
  • Joint 1st. One-UpManShip (North) - Coast Video Club
  • Joint 1st. Continuation (North) - Warrington Cine and Video Society
  • Joint 1st. Broken Promise (North) - AVS Movie Makers

  • Chesterfield Film Makers received the Vic Williams Trophy for the winner of the Northern heat too for "Energy Crisis".

    AVS films
    Thanks go to Myra Ranson (catering), Barry Peel, Stephen Doyle, Kevin Doyle and Chris Slater for their help.
    Also thanks goes to Richard Scarsbrook for his North vs South animation he did for me.

    We would love for more Northern clubs to get involved so please do have a go in 2016. The North would love to retain the title once more and make it four wins!

    Clive Palmer (AVS Movie Makers)

    Southern Show Report.
    Farnborough Village Hall, Farnborough, Kent. 3pm - 7.30pm

    This years event was tinged with sadness as we remembered Mike Coad, the Orpington Video and Film Makers member and keen champion and organizer of the North vs South Competition in the South. His sudden and unexpected death left us shocked and floundering in the run up to the Grand Final as he had always taken complete control of the organization and arrangements.

    video camera club
    However OVFM and friends rallied round and with the assistance of Jo, his beloved wife, we were able to assemble the pieces of the puzzle and go ahead with the event. Throughout the process Jo showed amazing courage as she not only coped with grief and the practicalities of arranging the funeral but helped us along every step of the way. She, as the rest of us, was determined to make the event one that Mike would have been proud of.

    With an audience of nearly seventy and with representatives from clubs all around the south the atmosphere in the cosy village hall was warm, friendly and filled with anticipation! Every effort was made to follow Mike Coad's format and as was his custom we showed all of the twenty-one films entered into the competition. A consequence of this was the three hours plus of screening time alone! But the great variety of films shown and the sheer quality of many of them the time flew by as the audience enjoyed a feast of entertainment.

    With a break at half time for refreshments the buzz in the audience was one of genuine excitement at the prospect of who would take this year's winners' trophy. Throughout the event Mike Coad's presence was palpable and also physical as Jo, his wife, had framed a wonderful photograph of him that she had titled  'King Of North v South', and which was put in pride of place beside the screen.

    Keeping with Mike's own strict procedure only one or two people knew the results until they were announced by the m/c OVFM vice-chairman Sam Brown at the very end. There was a hint of disappointment that the North had won the John Wright Trophy again but a general feeling amongst the audience that 'Energy Crisis' by Chesterfield Film Makers was a fine and worthy winner. Great pride in the south and especially the Sutton Coldfield Movie Makers' camp that two of their films ('The Letter' and 'The Shout') were joint winners of the Harry Adams Trophy, representatives of the club were delighted to be presented the trophy by Jo Coad.

    Special thanks to Andy Watson, projectionist, Peggy Parmenter and team (including Jo Coad) for the refreshments, Ron Parmenter, doorman, Sam Brown, master of ceremonies, Freddy Beard, liason and communication, Brenda Wheatley, raffle, Tony Johnson, southern heat judge (at very short notice!), everyone who pulled together to make the event the success it was, and all the clubs who supported the competion by entering films and by attending the event.

    Report by Simon Earwicker

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    Timperley Community Centre 121 Park Rd, Altrincham
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