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AVS News and Events 2018

Moving on.
Our latest project Moving on, a ghost story will be entered into the Burnley film festival competition on the 11th of March 2018. Once the competition ends. We will then release it to social media. And add it to our website. Watch out for the results coming soon!

Digital movie making training course.

The course will run on a "Two Weeks On / One Week Off" basis beginning on Wednesday 13th June until Wednesday 3rd October 2018

The cost of this great course is £68.71. If you are interested in attending the course. Please click here or contact us.

training course

Event Details

A fun and informative MovieMaking course for Beginners.
This course covers all aspects of filmmaking including:
Camera Basics and Accessories | Framing, Composition & Perspective
Computer Video Editing | Film Analysis & Script Writing | Lighting & Colour Balance
Sound Recording & Editing | Reviewing your finished product.

Wednesday evenings from 8:00pm til 10:00pm and includes refreshments.

Please Note: Venue does not have Disabled Access
Have questions about Digital FilmMaking Course?  Contact AVS MovieMakers video club.

Our latest project. Coming soon.
Only at Altrincham Movie Makers.

Movie Makers, film making club, video club in Altrincham

Timperley Community Centre, 121 Park Road, Timperley, Altrincham. WA15 6QQ.
Telephone 07932-640020
We are a film making club based in Altrincham covering all aspects of digital videography and film making, including the use of mobile phones and movie editing software.
We are an amateur film making club in Altrincham. We are always looking for scripts and ideas to produce a high quality movie. If you have a script you would like turning into a movie. Please contact us. Also if you are interested in joining our club. Please contact us.
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