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Entry confirmation

Thanks for your entry form which has now been received and will be presented for you on the night of the competition.
Should you also wish to send us your film in advance you can do so by following the instructions below.
This will take you to a website called wetransfer where you can upload your film.

Instructions: (Please read all before proceeding)

1. Click the “Upload” button below.
2. Agree to the terms when presented.
3. Click “Take me to Free”
4. Click the blue “+” button to browse for the film you wish to upload
5. Enter your email address and any Message in the box.
6 Enter email address tezroberts@virginmedia.com to send your file to
7. Click the “Transfer” button
Please leave page open untill upload completes.

film upload

Movie Makers, film making club, video club in Altrincham

Timperley Community Centre, 121 Park Road, Timperley, Altrincham. WA15 6QQ.
Telephone 07932-640020
We are a film making club based in Altrincham covering all aspects of digital videography and film making, including the use of mobile phones and movie editing software.
We are an amateur film making club in Altrincham. We are always looking for scripts and ideas to produce a high quality movie. If you have a script you would like turning into a movie. Please contact us. Also if you are interested in joining our club. Please contact us.
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