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About Our Club
Altrincham Cine Club was established on 1 July 1967. However, with the advent of video the members voted for a name change in 1998 to Altrincham Video Society (Registered Charity Number 507682). Today the active membership is working entirely in video and producing some well shot and edited movies for the enjoyment of its members and outside audiences.
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History of the club
In 1968 the Society made its first 'Club' movie and entered it in the ROSPA National Film Competition. The film was 'Child's Eye View'. It won the first prize in its class of £100 and then went on to win the Group Award (another £100) by beating the winners of other classes, two of which went on to win Ten Best trophies. The Altrincham members at that time did not think their film was up to the Ten Best international standards and had not entered it in the competition.

Since those days Altrincham Video Society has gone on to win six Ten Best awards, including two Gold Trophies and a second place. In addition it has won awards in many countries worldwide. They include the best film awards in the USA, Canada and Australia. The Society has won over 70 international awards.

The Society is affiliated to the Institute of Amateur Cinematographers, an organisation for the promotion of quality amateur film and video movie making. The Society has always supported the Institute and moving with the times now calls itself The Film & Video Institute.

The Society is also an avid supporter of the John Wright 'North versus South' competition and regularly submits its own entry.

The Society has its own 65 seat Clubroom/Cinema in Timperley and is the sole tenant (7 days a week) of the cinema room in the Timperley Community Association building at 121 Park Road, Timperley, Altrincham. This has enabled the Society to host many events which it would not have been able to do without this facility.

The objects of the Altrincham Video Society are, as stated in its constitution, to promote the advancement and improvement of general education in relation to all aspects of movie making and the associated visual and audio crafts and skills, and the public appreciation thereof in the district of Altrincham and elsewhere. Encouraging members to produce their own video movies and to enter them in Society competitions for adjudication and comments hopefully attains these objectives. In addition the Society endeavours to produce at least one movie a year when Society members are urged to join the production crew(s). The public is kept aware of the Society by publicity releases to the local press and the specialist magazines.

The committee endeavours to arrange talks and demonstrations by experts in the various fields of movie making. Some meetings are designated a 'Workshop Night' when members can experiment and gain knowledge from the ensuing discussions. Visits are made to and by other Clubs when members can compare notes with other enthusiasts in the various fields. Society members are also encouraged to talk about their ways of producing movies. There is, therefore, a certain amount of 'self-help' by the interchange of ideas between members.

The Society has always promoted the idea of 'creative movie making', and we have a number of advanced and intermediate workers who are always ready to put their knowledge and experience at the disposal of the less advanced worker, both on a technical level and also from the creative angle.

Members are often upgrading their cameras, some of whom have experience in using high definition camcorders/cameras recording to media cards (SDHC) while others use the latest DSLR technology to give their films that cinematic look and feel.

We are always looking out for new members to join us.
If you are a beginner or have some experience in film making you would be made most welcome at any of our club meetings.
Your first few visits are free with no obligation to sign up.

Meetings are held throughout the year on Wednesdays at Timperley Community Centre, 121 Park Road, Timperley at 7.30 pm for 8 pm start.

Subscriptions 2018
Ordinary / Senior Citizens £65
Family / Family Senior Citizens £110
Country Members £27
Junior (under 18) £27
How to Find Us

Our Address is:
Timperley Community Centre,  121 Park Road,  Timperley, Altrincham. WA15 6QQ
We are opposite Meadow Bank Road. Click here for map

Our Club Room
We have a permanent meeting room available 365 days of the year which it is fully equipped as a cinema with a seating capacity of 65. This year, with the aid of a grant from Trafford Housing Trust, we now have a new 3D high definition projector and 3D blu ray player plus equipment to assist with our film making and editing projects.
From Cine to tape to digital. With the constant change in technology, Our club is always up to date and we cater for all ages.
“Cinema is a matter of what's in the frame and what's out”
Martin Scorsese

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Timperley Community Centre,
121 Park Road, Timperley,
Altrincham. WA15 6QQ.
Telephone 07932-640020
We are a film making club based in
Altrincham covering all aspects of
digital videography and film
making, including the use of
mobile phones and movie editing
We are an amateur film making
club in Altrincham. We are always
looking for scripts and ideas to
produce a high quality movie. If
you have a script you would like
turning into a movie. Please
contact us. Also if you
are interested in joining our club.
Please contact us.

Film club in Altrincham
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